by Foreign Television

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All songs on 'Youthless' were written and recorded somewhere in either Wales or Russia by Francis Allen between March, 2011 and August, 2013.


released October 7, 2013

The artwork for 'Youthless' was provided by the dream-team of photographer Ed Smithson ( and designer Corinna Djaferis (


all rights reserved



Foreign Television Wales, UK

Foreign Television is the solo project of Francis Allen, a musician from Wales, UK, currently based in Moscow, Russia. There are two Foreign Television albums; 'Youthless' (2013) and a new, self-titled album, released on October 21st, 2019. All songs are written and recorded by Francis Allen. ... more

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Track Name: August
She says the strangest things
When she calls me
At three in the morning
With stories to tell
Stretched purple nights
Should come with a warning
I'm going to be sorry
For wasting your time

Fading sun drowns at four
Aren't you freezing?
Vacant and feeling 100 years old

Oh, the things we don't say to each other
All these things we don't say to each other
Track Name: To Brazil
Spin and speak to you
Let you kill me
Hurdle swirling hues
For yellow mornings

From wasting life on this
Who'll be sorry?
In worlds of things they miss
Every morning

What am I to do?
When days are hollow
Ignore what time will prove
And former sorrow
Track Name: Neva
Vapour trails and I won't move any nearer
But now it all seems much clearer
You shone the sun at my eyes
You think it's dark all the time
But I still have streetlights
And yellow days
Floating on the Neva
You're wrapping question marks around my neck
To make me wonder why I left

Grey days coasting on the memory
I gave it up don't tell me
Where you are these days
I won't ask you won't tell me
Where you are these days
Track Name: Longlights
I know you or I used to
I've been blurring definitions
Lost interest in what you've been through
And your terrible decisions

Sentimental for you own sake
Everybody's sleeping
If you're lonely when your heart breaks
I know you or I used to

From your love to your heartbreak
Track Name: Misremember
Still diving after the old days
When colour is fading from your face
And everything is passing you by
But you always speak in the past tense
To photographs of your old friends

In every way it's keeping you lonely

Faceless, locked in
Letting days die
You misremember
And say there's no time

Holding close or pull apart from each other
When hurting owes
To a skewed vision of the way it used to be
But take me back to the last time I told her
Underground with her head on my shoulder
Track Name: Olympic Christie
Shed all your friends
I had a dream that I left you
Can you defend a nowhere direction?
Sleepwalking through
All that we lose
Emptying out
Nothing from two

Some running
Are you still waiting?
Track Name: Rented World
Void skies
Breathe out on broken fairground rides
That gather snow outside
Where we stumble through
Trying to dodge these truths
With what distractions do
Track Name: Rollerblades
If all these bursts fade
And become strains
It seems lives away
Those girls on rollerblades
Threw it at me

Their sorry sighs
Weighed on my mind
I watched convictions die
When I found you

Staying lost in this new phase
Because they're bored and youthless
Like always
Track Name: Worlds You Drift Through
The days flashed forward
Now I can't place them
They might not flood back
They might not glow
We were dancing
We were breathing
Now I don't even get to know
The worlds you drift through
Or what affects you
Or how you wish it wasn't so
But heartless distance
And perceived difference
Just obstruct us
Until we let go
Track Name: Beach
Get your head off my shoulder
What if I leave you to die?
The haze clears and we're older
On Saturday nights
Shiver but live without it
Your head in your hands
Doesn't this wear you out?

Or leave it on forever
Keep me alive
All that you do and told me
In laughing lines
Not falling over days that left us
Let down and lonely
Not dead where we stand
No ache, lost words
Just knowing who's holding your hand

All the reckless things that they do
I'll tell you the truth

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